Set up a place to meditateFeng Shui Services for Businesses

There are several things to consider when looking at Feng Shui in relationship to your business. When everyone is connected through a common purpose and share your vision and goals then it is much more likely that you will achieve your mutual success. 

That executive edge

With the use of our specialist resource 'destiny analysis' we can anticipate the timing of events using the unique metaphysical system of BaZi. This is Chinese Astrology and is very useful when planning when to act and when to keep your powder dry.

Developing a Master Plan

This includes:

  • the growth of the business
  • partnerships - who will help you and your business thrive
  • when and what new products to launch
  • succession planning
  • timing of events including start-up of new businesses

Commercial/Business Services:

We provide you with an analysis and evaluation of:

  • Public Access Areas - the mouth of chi of the building is vitally important for the success of a building/business.

  • Work Spaces - where to place the manager, the receptionist, the reception desk, the main doors into the building, how the public or the staff enter the building, all are vital considerations.

  • Restaurants and cafe's - the placement of the stove is a major factor in Feng Shui. There are some areas that absolutely should not have any cooking facility. There are some places that are most auspicious. This is extremely important when considering renovations of commercial premises and critically important for a restaurant or cafe.

  • Water Features. The flow of water in a property is also a very important feature. Where does it enter and exit the property? How to tap the water or how to deflect the water, whether to place a water feature or fish tank to stimulate more Money Chi.

  • Office Areas the flow of Qi can be negatively affected if computers and telephones are in non-productive places. This is particularly true if they are the lifeblood of your business.

  • The placement and orientation of the cash register and the eftpos machine is vital for any commercial enterprise

Astrology Chart

With Vicki’s guidance we have created a long term plan for the development of the clinic and how it will look, from details as small as where shelves should go to the larger plan for the front of the building.

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