Mindful Movement

Learn to move from the centre of your being (the DanTien in Chinese thought). When we learn to tune into the centre of our being and then to move only from that centre we become more and more conscious of our inner being and our outer relationship with the world.

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Tai Chi Classes

These classes are based on the Sun Long Form and integrate traditional Qi Gong practices which help us develop our centre of being. When we learn to move from this centre we can protect ourselves from falls, can walk longer distances and turn with ease in any direction. 

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Feng Shui Excellence

Feng Shui is not magic. It is, in many ways the understanding of the inner movements of qi within any building. When that is determined we work out how to harness that qi to nourish the inhabitants and users of the building through multiple generations.

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Appin Hall Children’s Foundation is delighted with the service provided by Feng Shui consultant Vicki Sauvage – who has undertaken extensive Feng Shui work toward specific energies that relate to our building development program.
Ronnie Burns - President Appin Hall Foundation
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