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2019 Famous people born earth pig

Vicki Sauvage - Saturday, January 05, 2019

Starting with a list of people who are born in the year of the earth pig then move on to an in-depth analysis of 4 people who leap out as good examples of what can take place when your 60th year comes back.

Famous people

Sigrid Thornton - Australian Actress born Feb 12th *

Renee Fleming - American Soprano born Feb 14th

John McEnrow - American Tennis champion born Feb 16th 1959 (born Wisebaden Germany)

Katy Hilton - American Hilton Hotels Heiress - born March 13th 

Luc Besson - French film director - born March 18th*

Emma Thompson - British actress - born April 15th *

Sean Bean - British actor - born April 17th

Sheena Easton - British singer - born April 27

Stephen Harper - previous Canadian Prime Minister - born April 30

Ben Elton - British writer, director and comedian - born May 3rd

Ving Rhames - American Actor - born May 12th

Mike Pence - June 7th

Kevin Spacey July 26th

Magic Johnson Aug 14th

David Koresh - Aug 17th - died 1993

Chris Hadfield - Canadian Astronaut - Aug 29th

Michael Hutchens - Jan 22nd 1960 - died 22nd November 1997

2 charts

1. Michael Hutchens

born 22nd January, 1960 at 0500 and died 22nd November 1997 ???? approx 10 am AEST

He has a yin earth day master with his spouse place having the rooster. His month stem is yin fire sitting over the ox in his health palace and his year of birth is yin earth sitting over the pig.

He was the lead singer and lyricist of INXS with was formed in 1977 just as he entered the yin wood pig luck cycle. It was a positive luck cycle with the pig combining with his year branch of pig and the possible time branch of rabbit.

In 1984 whilst still in the favourable pig luck cycle INXS won seven awards in the Countdown Music and Video Awards.

1986 he entered the yang wood part of hi 3rd luck cycle. This presented a fight to combine situation where the two yin earth's in his chart fought with the yang wood of the luck cycle - whilst one is favourable two will pull you in two directions. He made the Dogs in Space movie - not exactly and hit!

1987 (yin fire rabbit) they had a number 1 hit. Again providing the favourable wood combination. The whole of this luck cycle saw him performing with many other artists including Barnsey. He also made several other movies including Frankenstein Unbound. 

He and the band continued to pick up international awards during this time.

His love life attracted much attention during this time and he was less active creatively - or rather successes were less evident.

In August 1992 (water monkey year) whilst in a metal flow he sustained a head injury whilst intoxicated. This is the injury that is reputed to have affect him very significantly. He lost both his senses of smell and loss of taste (to a great extent). It also led to periods of depression and aggression.

By the mid 90' just as he was entering the 4th and last luck cycle he became involved with Paula Yates who, in 1996, gave birth to the daughter who he was often kept apart from due to the lack of resolution in Yates and Geldorf's relationship.

He died on the 22nd November 1997 one year into his yin water luck cycle. He died in Sydney - the hour of death is unknown but one guesstimate puts it at 10am AEST. It was a yin fire snake time pillar, yang earth dragon day, yin water pig month and yin fire ox year. This brought a lot of metal an and wood into his chart - these were in conflict with each other and with the fight to combine between his new luck cycle and the yin water in the month stem with the day stem this was too much for a man who was already challenged by injury and a series of failed relationships. Additionally there is a particular energy present in the year and month of his death which also combines with one on his chart which requires a lot of wisdom and focus to overcome.

2. Mike Pence

June 7th 1959

Unfortunately we don't have an hour of birth and as of June he enters his 6th luck pillar of Yang wood sitting over rat the influence of his year pillar has all but waned and his time pillar would be coming into a stronger influence.

He has yang metal monkey day pillar yang metal horse month pillar and yin earth pig pillar and is just leaving a most favourable pillar of yin wood ox.

His special stars are rat and ox, his Nobemen star is sheep and ox.

His current luck cycle (which expires June 7th 2019 is yin wood ox. This is a very favourable configuration. He also has two other transient stars which are auspicious in this one luck pillar.

He was chosen by Trump to be his running mate in the 2016 Presidential election. He has remained as an enigmatic figure sitting in the background appearing to do nothing but with the chart he has and the favourable energies in 2019 we might see him rise in significance. I will explore this further when I look at the Trumpster, Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence and see what might transpire.

See more on this subject when I analyse Trump, Pelosi and Pence and the year of the earth pig.

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