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Understanding Qi

Vicki Sauvage - Thursday, March 30, 2017
Understanding Qi

Understanding Qi 

 Traditional Feng Shui (which is the form that Vicki practices) is the science and art of Chi/Qi (energy) detection and analysis. Qi can be described as the life force, the essence, the wind, the movement of energies. The forces that arise from the earth, that touch the earth and nourish the earth as well as tear it apart in events such as earthquakes. When we do an analysis of a property we examine all the aspects of Qi that are apparent to both the naked eye and as measured with the Chinese Geomantic compass (called a Luopan). 

Qi Movements 

 Qi has many movements. It arises from the earth. It descends from the heavens and it moves through the air or on the horizontal plane. In Traditional Feng Shui we evaluate the different movements of Qi and how much force it moves at. The movement of Qi includes the movement of the magnetic poles through the millennia. It also includes the changing time cycles. 


 We also need to examine what impact the qi movements and patterns will have on the client and the people in the building. 


 Time is one aspect of qi that we track and account for in any Feng Shui analysis. We have many time cycles from the macro to the micro. We measure qi and it's intensity from moment to moment as in the in and out breaths. We also draw further out looking at the macro time cycles. You will find articles in the archives that further talk about these cycles and previous and forthcoming cycles.

Period 8 & Period Buildings 

There was a big movement in these cycles that started around 2002/2003 and was fully formed in February 2004. Places built in the period of 7 (1984 to 2003) have now passed out of favour, or are now out of time. It is possible to track these changes when looking at cities and villages where you can see areas that are renewed or coming into favour and areas that are going into decline.  The next cycle of 9 is starting to form as we move towards the coming period of 9, It will be fully formed by 2024, the qi is starting to build now. It is imperative that we start planning so that buildings we design or influence are set up to receive period 8 and period 9 qi.


 Proximity to CBD or other centralising elements are not the key factor in these rejuvenations. If you draw a circle out from your city you will note that some areas grew much more significantly than others in the last 20 years. Do not mistake house price for this renewal. Look at areas that grew in density and exhibited the strongest growth, e.g. the Western Districts of Sydney in the period of seven. Look at the areas in your environment that are experiencing renewal, are they in particular locations or spread all over. Where is the water in your local environment that can contribute to the retention of qi - without it the qi cannot be held.

Refreshing or renewing buildings 

 With a consultation you can refresh the energies by looking at the mouth of Qi or the door and windows of the building. In other words you can bring your property into the current cycle, harnessing the appropriate energies for you, your family, employees and clients or guests. In translation what we nurture in our hearts will colour and influence what we experience in life. Sometimes all we need to do is direct people to open doors into different directions, or close doors down in other directions. Find out which door to open  and which to close - that is one of the big over-arching metaphors for human beings in this new millennia.

Quantum Physics meets Feng Shui 

Some people who rely on a Newtonian analysis of the physical world think that means they must perforce reject Feng Shui. This is based in a most narrow view of Feng Shui. Often people have little or no knowledge of Traditional Feng Shui, they just know about 'Junk Food Feng Shui'. Traditional Feng Shui does not include Ba Gua mirrors, crystal balls and such. It is only at the quantum level that you can truly understand Traditional Feng Shui. For a more complete evaluation of where quantum physics meets Traditional Feng Shui you can purchase the e-book Feng Shui, Vibrational Healing, Understanding Qi

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