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What I do when I'm feeling stuck

Vicki Sauvage - Sunday, May 14, 2017
What I do when I'm feeling stuck

Two days ago I sat down with some clients who have become friends. They are developing a programme called Make Meaningful Work and wanted to interview me for the programme / book / series of workshops. When we met in October, we all clicked and were instantly on the same page. I was showing them around Hobart and we started in my favourite location Mt Nelson Signal Station. We started talking, and talked and talked for 3 hours. The culmination or rather the staging point for that conversation was, what do I do at a personal level when I feel stuck. What strategies have I developed in my life's journey on this planet, in this suit of clothing called my body.

What do I do when I am stuck?

  1. ask for more information
  2. wait for my intuition to arise giving it fuel by meditating regularly
  3. wait for right timing - sometimes feeling stuck is actually about not enough information or not right timing - check in with myself - does this feel like waiting for more resources, information, or right timing? My quiet still inner voice, my silent witness I call it, will whisper in my ear and then my belly or my heart tells me that is the right action
  4. asking for help - who in my network is wise, non-judgemental and can coax / coach me on identifying the obstacles (untangling my ball of yarn)
  5. sit with the feelings that are arising, are they feelings, emotions or simple sensations
  6. don't reinforce them
  7. challenge myself around my beliefs about certain things
  8. using my daughter's technique - don't resist, but embrace, don't avoid - embrace and thinking of 10 completely unedited solutions to the situation / obstacle. The more left field your solution the better. Don't filter or judge - accept that in our imaginations all things are possible.
  9. suspend judgement of myself and others choices
  10. say I'm sorry when appropriate - it can be a circuit breaker
  11. use my body - doing Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and my fusion of chi gong and mindfulness meditation
As this journey with Dan and Jo unfold I will keep you updated.


When energy gets stuck it can affect the inhabitants of a building. Sometimes the only way to move it on is with a cleansing ceremony
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