4 April 2016

Well we are to have a federal election in 2016 as are the Americans.

What are Malcolm Turnbull's chances of pulling off a win.

Let's look at his chart and see what it reveals.

He is in the 2nd half of his life and we don't have his hour pillar which does affect our reading - kind of like we have one eye wide shut.

Never-the-less he does have a very clear flow in his chart and has some very fine 'stars' that travel with him through out his life and whilst ever he is married to Lucy he will find abiding support from her.


 day month year
 yin water yang wood yang wood horse
 ox dog horse
     current luck pillar
   2016   2009

 yang fire
  yin wood

Malcolm changed luck pillar in 2009 so for 2016 he is governed by the second half of the 2009 pillar - dragon.


 Day Month Year
yang fire yin wood yang earth
 horse rabbit dog
     current luck pillar
   2016   2016

 yang fire
  yin earth

Lucy changes luck pillar this year so we will treat it as her current luck pillar. This is yin earth and yin earth forms a special bond with yang wood (Malcolm's year and month stems). Lucy also has a strategists pillar which will last her whole life time.

Malcolm has a changing chart and Lucy has a follow output chart (earth). Currently Malcolm is in surrender to earth flow and earth is power to a yin water day master. In the first half of his life he was a surrender to fire (wealth).

If we look at both charts together we see that Malcolm has his special star in his month pillar, and his second 'special star' comes in 2016 in the form of the Monkey.

Yang fire is Malcolm's Heavenly Virtue and Month Virtue stars and 2016, the first half is yang fire - very good for him. In addition Lucy's day master is yang fire.

Lucy has yang earth in her year stem and Malcolm has yin water as his day master - this means that they have a special bond. Together they are almost invincible. 

Each of them has also 3 pillars from three different Xun or divisions AND Lucy has entered a rescue pillar for her yang fire horse.

I don't know if you remember the line from Life of Brian - 'lucky bastard' well that's Malcolm Turnbull with the assistance of Lucy they are a formidable team.

The big question is to do with the parties and how they play out with their different factions pulling in different directions what is for sure Malcolm will survive and go on to live another time.

We now have the date of the election set for the 2nd of July 2016.

It is a yin wood rooster day, in a yang wood horse month in a yang fire monkey year.

The monkey of the year, the rooster in the day, and Malcolm's Dog form a seasonal metal team.

The Horse in Malcolm's year, the Dog sitting next to him in his month, The horse in the Month of the election support his fire to earth flow - both are favourable.

The spoiler for him might be the rooster on the day and his ox forming metal but I do think that there is sufficient earth and fire here to favour Malcolm.

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