Period of Nine has arrived


Period of Nine has arrived

29 December 2023

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2024 is additionally auspicious as it heralds the arrival of the period of 9. It is associated with the 2nd daughter and is associated with Li Gua. This tells us that the dominant qi for the 20 year period of Li Gua dominion brings the spotlight to fire. This means that we draw on all the information we have about the element of fire and the characteristics of the second daughter from the Yi Ching.

Movement - it is upward, the associated shape is the upright triangle (pt to heaven), it consumes all the resources it encounters – it does not know how to put things away for a rainy day. No resource preservation here! You can also imagine that conflagration is the keyword for 2024 and beyond. I often describe it as having no dimmer switch.

The second daughter (Li) is also associated with philanthropy. Do a head count of the women in history associated with philanthropic movements - off the top of my head - Florence Nightingale, Caroline Chisholm, Mary Reibey, Dame Enid Lyons etc. You can add to your own laundry list.

The Fire Cycle. Fire is supported by, or fed by wood; it gives birth to earth; it controls metal (by melting it).  This leaves the element of water which can / could control the intensity of fire. If the proportions are not correct all that is produced is steam / mist. This means it’s not possible to see in front of us and therefore to plan for contingencies. The more fierce the fire then the more water required to control it - this puts everything out of proportion and distorts the universal energies. The other qualities of qi in the cycle cannot continue in their vital roles either.

Professions / Industry. signified by fire are energy production industry, this VERY specifically includes solar the sun is the ultimate fire energy system. Indirectly the hydro generation of clean energy will also come into focus but more from the POV of storage of energy. Pumped hydrogen will also come into focus. Acting, broadcasting, podcasting, rhetoric, influencers (GOD I hate that term and that 'industry'. I prefer to research than be influenced by someone else's digestive system!!!! Hustling and scams also come into the category of fire.

Some people also add the financial industry to this category. I certainly think that banking and the stock exchange is metal, but the ups and downs of those financial institutions could be regarded as being governed by fire! Let's see how it plays out in the world, watch carefully and you decide.

Health - As you can imagine if fire is uncontrolled then the heart (what we focus on) can be disturbed. A disturbed heart will disrupt the mind! Increasingly disruptive stress and agitation may arise for some people. It is important that you diligently develop a personal relaxation / mindful – respite, prayerful practice. It does not matter what system you adopt – keep practicing! If you take a little time out that is OK BUT don’t let it lapse as this is a safety valve for you and your loved ones and colleagues. Do it for them.

To help here is a list of current influential speakers and writers on the subject of mindfulness.

Brene Brown

Tara Brach - great podcast called Tara Brach - great idea about giving all our 'trickster' mind states a Buddhist term - Mara and calling them / it out when old familiar tracks come back to derail our equanimity and our calm abiding. There are also some audio and ebooks on the Libi App from your Library.

Rick Hanson

Thich Naht Hahn

There are many more that are very insightful and able to communicate the calm abiding which helps us all navigate the vicissitudes of life.

Keep exploring and optimistically face the life we are 'given'.

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