2024 year of the wood dragon


2024 year of the wood dragon

29 December 2023

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Chinese Lunar New Year starts 10:23 am on the 10th Feb 2024.

Solar New Year starts on 16:27 4the Feb 2024.

Start your feng shui fixes on the 13th of January, 20th January - this is the last date before the change of the year that you can make feng shui changes. Use your personal Nobleman hour to make these fixes. If you have a clash with the day - horse on the 13th and ox on the 20th choose the other day. Otherwise you should wait until after 3rd day of CNY. 15th Feb is the next day but not if you are a rabbit. Good luck choosing your day for changes.

The Stem

We see the first stem – yang wood, sitting over the Dragon which is the 4th Animal in the Chinese Pantheon.

The Dragon

The dragon is regarded as one of the most, if not the most auspicious of the creatures of the Chinese zodiac.

It is kind, by and large, and is usually the creature / animal upon which Kuan Yin rides when she / he / they bring blessings to human creatures. I am not being PC – Kuan Yin is the androgynous depiction of a Boddhisatva, although, not knowing much of the Indian and Tibetan pantheon, it may well be that gender is completely irrelevant to all the functions in the supernal realms. I would like to believe that, but as I struggle to believe in those realms, I can only relate the ‘story’ and you are free to ‘believe’ or maintain a healthy scepticism whatever is congruent with your belief system.

So not only do we begin the year of the Wood Dragon on 10/2/24 at 10:23 – lunar new year, but we also have the period of 9 fully formed and functioning. - more about that in a subsequent post.

This brings a blessed relief to the universal qi. We have almost entirely left the period of 8 with the dominance of the male (Gen Gua which is one yang line sitting over two yin lines counting from the top through the bottom).

The new period of 9 is a female gua. As a friend of mine described it - the sacred feminine - and for those of you who have struggled with the masculinisation of communication in the past 20 years) bring on the girl bands again - nah just joking its a little more significant than that. Finally we will get a period of time when females can lead from the front without always having to fight the gender wars! Establishing the right of all humans irrespective of alignment wether to gender norms or political norms or cultural norms - everyone who can shine should do just that - don't hide the mirror of Venus - get there and stand tall and true. Just sayin' yo' all. Those women who put their heads up above the parapet too early will take their natural position now without also having to fight misogyny as Julia Gillard famously challenged Tony Abbot. I won't apologise because most of my clients / readers are from Oz, so if you struggle to remember then google her famous speech in the Australian parliament.  Back to the stems - both the one on top and the 3 hidden in the dragon.

Yang Wood sitting over the dragon

Yang wood is fierce, a tree, unbending, and unyielding. It represents the legal system, libraries, books, herbs, pharmaceuticals, gardens, vegetables, cultivation of vegetables and flowers (not broad scale agriculture as that is under the domain of yang earth). It is a great time to take in herbal remedies from any botanical system. Yang Wood can be a bit rigid but stands up for truth, values and structure - like the internal structure to a building.

The Dragon has 3 buried qi – Yang earth, yang wood and yang water. This means that it will bring lots of change in 2024 but will be inclined to combine with other hidden stems of the branches to form water (part of the team of water – rat, dragon, monkey). This means that the monthly qi will bring many changes. When the Dragon is happy with its companions - the san he combo's it will form strong water. This means if these crop up in the month, the double hours or the day then things will flow smoothly (that's if you need or can use water). If you are not happy with more water then it is a time to raise the draw-bridge and settle into the castle for the duration of those month or the year if you are in clash.

When the yang wood is dominant it will draw up and out the wood of the dragon in the month of the tiger, the rabbit, and the dragon. In the months of the dragon, monkey, and rat it will draw out the water - dragon - April, August - Monkey, December - Rat. The earth (3rd buried qi) is not able to combine with anything so remains dormant acting as the storehouse of qi.

The clash

The clash this year will be to the Dog. The Dog month is October. 

If you've had your chart done by me then you will recognise that the double hours can help offset obstacles as can your favourable nobleman directions. As an example - the Dog double hour is 1900 - 2100 (please make sure you make adjustments for Day Light Savings in your state or country). The Dog has both the Sheep and the Ox as its noblemen. Use these hours to offset difficulties.

The Dog is in the NorthWest Gua - originally number 6. In 2024 it has the annual 4 visiting. This is a very special combo. So, even thought the Grand Duke is in the South East, the special combo in 2024 will bring some relief to Qian Gua (north West). You must still protect the qi of this area so no repairs, renos in this area for 2024.

Remember to apply your Ming Gua to your analysis - ie Ming Gua 9, then look to where the annual 9 lands AND what is happening in the South - as the annual star there is 7 we would not renovate here either. Keep in quiet and on your side.

As we have switched over to the Period of 9 you might like to have your personal chart done again - if you have not had a chart done by me before then we will have to discuss it as I am not really taking new clients - I'm spending most of my time being a Granny - yea.

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