2023 - Internal-Flying-Star


2023 - Internal-Flying-Star

4 January 2023

2023 Internal Flying Stars (inside buildings)

Sha Qi 2023

All sha chi is exacerbated by what is in the environment.

if you have Telegraph poles, T intersections, a broken mountain, or work scheduled, or happening on your own home or in your immediate surroundings this is regarded as a form of sha qi. The impact of sha chi is made worse when your front door or back door or your bedroom is in that direction. I recommend that you keep the blinds and all doors shut in that direction and certainly do not place your bed head on the east or west wall in 2023. 

If your Ming Gua corresponds with one of the sha directions this will impact you more. The sickness stars are regarded as a form of sha.

The best is to minimise disturbance in the areas or directions of sha qi for 2023. If you can't see it is less likely to penetrate.

If you have the Rooster or the Rabbit in your personal chart, particularly your day branch then this may have a heavier impact on you.

Grand Duke:

comes to the Rabbit location as it is the branch ruling the year. It is in the East of your home or business premises.  If your master bedroom is in the east, please consider another room for 2023 most particularly if you are a woman. If you're Ming Gua 3 or 2 then the east is also of major importance to you in 2023. Additionally, if you have a rabbit prominently placed in your personal chart, most particularly if it is your day branch this direction is a vulnerability for you in 2023.

Year Breaker:

Comes to the Rooster location as it is opposite the annual branch. It is in the West. It impacts Ming Gua 7. It is fortunately a ‘good star’ in the West this year BUT it is in conflict with the LoShu original number 7. Avoid opening windows, doors, or any renovations in this direction. See below for more details on the 6 star.

5 Sha:

Are in the direction of the Monkey (last 3rd of the SouthWest Gua), Rooster (7.5 degrees either side of due West), Dog (first 3rd of Northwest Gua). These belong to the do not disturb category – again, no open doors, windows or bedheads in these locations or directions.

Sickness stars 2 and 5:

Located in the East (2) and the Northwest (5).  These are both do not disturb areas for 2023. Cure these stars.

Cure the 2 with metal. You need your Kai Ren, Qi Ling talisman or a Japanese Bell. We will also use the Salt Water Cure. Make sure that you remove all ‘wood’ remedies and earth remedies you might have made. You can use your black faced clock here too. 

Cure the sickness 5 with active metal. I don’t like windchimes, but if you can find something that doesn’t drive your neighbours mad then something gently moving in the breeze is good. You can also add the salt water cure. You could also place a music source such as radio or stereo to add the sound of metal to your area. There is no conflict for a metal cure in this Gua.

Other negative stars

The 7 lands in the Northeast Gua. It is made stronger by the earth nature of the Gua. Remove all fire cures from here, add a small amount of water either with colour - I love coloured glass placed on window ledges or small tables so the light can cast ‘water’ into the area.

The 3 is in the Southeast. Because it is yang wood, landing in the yin wood gua it is irritating. Cure with Fire.

The benevolent stars

1 in the Southwest is great for communication and philosophising. Don’t enhance it but rather open doors and windows in this location and or direction.

6 is in the west this year and needs to be cured because it is irritating the 7 – the resident of the West. Cure with a little water. Add a little quietly moving water such as a bird bath in the location of the rooster. We don’t want any metal cures left here.

8 is in the South – it is the last hurrah for the period of 8 wealth star. Open doors and windows and add a little fire to your door or window located here. Just a small lamp or candle will suffice. If you have any rampant or flying horses in your collection they should be placed due South, with their feet raised into the house – that is their bum facing the direction of qi flow so the speed of the horse helps with your fabulous projects.

9 is in the North, it is the future wealth star. Open doors and windows to allow it entry. Remove any water cures from here and NO FIRE as the Gua does not allow it.

4 is in the centre. Don’t do anything special here just use it. Expect beautiful Venusian things to happen this year. Re-embrace the romance of life, love and beauty. 

Have a measured 2023 and enjoy friendship, family and neighbourliness. Kindness and Generosity should flow like Manna into our communities.

Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Chi Gong

Vicki has been involved in teaching all three modalities. They are all connected to a sense of the centre and the stillness in movement and the movement in stillness. There are MANY forms of Tai Chi and 10,000 forms of Chi Gong, but stillness is stillness and our invitation is find the centre of all things and move towards that. We run regular 2.5 hour workshops throughout the year and you are invited to learn more here. Regular practice is the key to restoration of balance and equanimity and ultimately resilience.

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