2024 Annual Flying Star


2024 Annual Flying Star

30 December 2023

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5, 3, 7, 2

Enhance or leave alone

4. 8. 6, 1, 9

Curing the challenging stars 2024

5 will move to the west into the gua of metal. 5 is Earth by elemental composition and as such can make metal strong – this is not auspicious for 2024. We will need to cure it with water – NOT active water but colour alone – navy, black, indigo. 

3 is no longer in favour – it has 3 more cycles before it becomes useable again. We therefore must cure it with fire. We never use literal fire; you can however use a modest sized Himalayan salt crystal lamp. A hint, the salt from the lamps accumulates around the input point, wrap it in electrical tape or Vaseline to prevent corrosion – that is why they blow the fuses! I prefer not to use actual candles but there are some battery operated tealights – I hate them as they are such a waste of human resources and their end life is so difficult to separate out into recyclable components – mostly they go to landfill! Therefore default to colour - red and the tones thereof.

7 is in the south gua in 2024 (the location of our new 20-year cycle). 7 originates in the West, is metal by nature and is very inauspicious in the fire gua of the south. We need to cure it! But, to not exhaust the gua we must use both water and wood! Make sure that all metal objects, earth objects and fire objects are moved out of this area – use the 8 pie radiant segments to determine if the objects are in the south gua (Li gua). I suggest you use some aloe vera plants around the windows or doors that face south and are in the south gua. Aloe Vera can store water in their leaves and are considered very healing in many cultures not to mention a therapeutic botanical garden.

2 is in the southeast gua and as such is very aggravating for younger women in the household. The southeast gua is associated with the elder sister / woman and is wood by nature. Wood is VERY disruptive for earth (2). It must be cured with active metal. NOT windchimes but rather a black faced clock – which works! If you have an actual carriage clock that is even better. You should be able to see the moving parts. Keep an eye on the activities in this area in 2024 as the Dragon is also located here and being the Grand Duke of the year is to be placated and kept quiet. NO BUILDING OR RENOVATING HERE.

Enhancing the auspicious stars in 2024

8 is the recent dominant qi so has a special place in our hearts. It has not exhausted its benevolence in period of 9. It originates from the Northeast gua and is earth by nature. It will not bring new money but should be good for money in the bank because it is good by nature it is also good for real estate. In 2024 it is in the North – the water gua. I think it is best to open the windows and doors in this gua but do not enhance it as water and earth are not compatible – let the qi flow as it will.

6 is by nature auspicious, it originates from the northwest gua and is metal. It lands in the Northeast in 2024 – this is a very special configuration based on the early and later heaven sequence. Again, don’t enhance, merely open to that qi by opening doors and windows that are orientated or located in this area. 

1 has moved into poll position for the next cycle (from 2044 onwards) as such it carries the hopes of future wealth. It means long term investments not short-term profits. It originates from the North Gua, is water by nature and falls into the East Gua in 2024. Again, no need to enhance except for small water use colour only.

9 originates in the south it is the fire gua. It is the prosperous star for the next 20 years. It falls into the southwest gua in 2024. This Gua is the keeper of the mother energy. The fire enhances the energy of the gua – this is auspicious. Make sure you do not leave any metal cures in this gua for 2024. We can use small fire – colour only to enhance the star and the gua. 

Remember the most effective way to capture the positive qi or harness the qi in any year is to open doors and windows to the direction of the beneficial qi and to shut out the unhelpful qi by closing curtains, blinds, window in those directions. Of course, we do not want to live in a dark and sombre house so use your common sense. If you can afford to leave the room that has the most disruptive qi quiet and unused do so. Of course, this should also be practical and common sense – depends on you living circumstances.

Cycle of 9

Track the location of the annual 9 every year until 2044 – then you will be on your own – te he he as by then I will be 94!!!!!

There are 9 possible positions for each number in the magic square. They will repeat their locations or flight path every 9 years. It is important to track where the 9 lands each year as it is current wealth.

The 9 will begin to fade in efficacy by 2040 and will have fully gone by 2044. In the same way that the period of 8 is now old qi – it is by nature good energy (8), but it is now in decline (just like me).

In period of 9 the 9 star is the prosperous star.

We seek to enhance 9 first, then 8 as the most recent dominant qi and then the next arising qi is marked by the energy of 1.

This always tells us where the energy for the 20 year cycle and the annual cycle. This is important for the rise and fall of different country’s dominance in the world and if they will prosper or decline.

Placement of Water

The south sector of any country with a port or mouth of qi located in the south sector / or opens its mouth to the south will prosper. If, by good fortune they also have water in the south and the north they will prosper.  There are VERY few countries who have a port facing directly south. (It is additionally auspicious if they have a mountain range upon which the mountain energy can sit thus commanding the best ‘view’ of the movement of qi). 

 Many islands have an advantage if they have their capital city in the south. A big bonus is having a port in the south.

 The city of Hobart has very auspicious water and mountains, the dominant mountain range runs through the centre of the state like a backbone. The port of Hobart is dominated by Mount Wellington -kunanyi in the local Palawa language.

Whilst the placement of kunanyi is strictly speaking NOT in the most auspicious location relative to the mouth of qi it is still a nice, majestic place upon which the Sovereign of the 20-year luck cycle can sit.

Victoria (Australia) also has a mountain range to the north of the capital city – it also has a port (mouth of qi) to the South (Port Phillip Bay). Both Hobart and Melbourne will prosper in the period of 9.

Look at your city – does it have an opening for the southern qi? Can the mountain qi sit solidly to the North of the capital city. If you have this configuration in a non-dominant town then that town will become more dominant over the next 20 years. 

Look for growth in the great Southern Ocean, Esperance, Albany in WA as they have a mountain range although not all of them run like a spinal cord as for Tasmania and Victoria to a lesser extent.

It is impossible to place too many images into a blog post so, if you want more about this then email me and I will send you a pdf with more images that explain this well.

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