2016 US Presidential Elections


2016 US Presidential Elections

28 August 2016

I have been resisting doing a blog post on this subject as there are so many unforeseen things in the year of the fire monkey. Much is hidden and only to be revealed closer to the event(s).

The election is scheduled for the 8th of November 2016. That will be a yang wood horse day. It is a yin earth pig month in the yang fire monkey year. The flow is fire (but can be subverted depending on the individual's chart).

And the nominees are:

Donald Trump

Born 14th June, 1946 @ 09.15am in New York when Day Light Savings applies. The hour of birth for Donald is problematic with a recent correction to his public hour of birth being 10.54 am still with dls applying. Having read the material from different western astrologers in relation to his hour of birth I favour applying the dragon hour rather than the snake hour. My argument is constructed around this assumption.

The chart I will work with is:

year: yang fire dog

month: yang wood horse

day: yin earth sheep - special formation (fu xing)

hour: yang earth dragon

His current luck pillar which he came into in 2014 is yin metal ox. He is in the yin metal part of that cycle. Yin metal likes to combine with yang fire but as it is in his year pillar it has fallen off in influence but 2016 is a yang fire monkey year so the yang fire can combine with the yin metal in his luck pillar bringing him authority in his career.

The monkey is both his special star and his nobleman BUT he does not have the other (ox, or rat) to help cement the benefits - he must rely on annual or monthly qi to supplement them.

The structure of his chart in the current phase of his life is dominant earth. He became dominant earth in the second half of his life (his dad lived to age 93). Previous to that he was a follow resource man. This means that he likes to stay strong now (but is vulnerable to a yin earth rival) during this period. He likes fire and earth, is neutral to metal as it controls his least favourable element wood and dislikes water and wood.

Hilary Rodham Clinton

Hilary was born 26th October 1947 @ 08:02am in Chicago. 

Her hour of birth is also in dispute with times varying from 08.00 through 8pm, through 02.00 am - the time I am going to use is 08.02. As she was born in October day light savings was finished so we do not need to do any adjustments. This gives her a dragon hour of birth - the same as Donald Trump but obviously with a different stem.

Her chart is:

year: yin fire pig

month: yang metal dog

day: yang earth tiger - special formation (yin yang mismatch)

hour: yang fire dragon

Her current luck pillar which she came into in 2011 is yin water snake. This year she entered the snake phase of this pillar.

The structure of her chart is follow resource - her resource is fire. This means she likes fire and wood, is neutral around metal (as it controls her rivals) and dislikes water and earth.

She has 2 travelling horses in her natal chart and this new luck cycle brings her 3 travelling horses.

the election

Lets put polls and likes and dislikes aside and see what the election day will bring for them both.

The day is 8th November - yang wood horse day, yin earth pig month, yang fire monkey year.

The flow is wood and fire.

Hilary likes fire and wood and dislikes earth the most. Donald now likes fire and earth and dislikes wood the most.

To get there they both have to travel through the month of the yin fire rooster then the yang earth dog.

The yin fire in September is going to be kind to Donald - looking at the events in his life he has overcome considerable obstacles in yin fire years or months. In addition the Snake always brings him benefits. It has proven to be a great talisman for him with many happy events associated with the snake in his life and this year, in the snake month he swept all contenders away, and then received the official republican party nomination in July. The month of the Snake was therefore very auspicious for him!

The rooster is by nature metal and is neutral for both candidates.

October is a yang earth dog month. Without a doubt, through all the ups and downs in Hilary's life the formation of fire is positive for her. She already has the tiger and the dog in her natal chart so this reinforces the fire. The yang earth in the month will now be a threat to her since the yin water phase of her luck cycle has passed (end of 2015). The fire in the dog will benefit both Donald and Hilary. 

November is a yin earth pig month. Donald does not like to see a yin earth rival - this is born out in his life events. His yin earth luck cycle commenced in 1994 and was very fraught for him - it includes the eventful year of 1997 where he separated from wife number 2 and paid out millions in a pre-nuptial alimony agreement. His father died in '99 - a yin earth rabbit year and he was also embroiled in a cease and desist action. That same year he started a Presidential nomination campaign which was unsuccessful but also probably not a full on commitment - he chose to nominate for the reform party that time.

The day of the election is Hilary's key rival, but the horse completes a full three harmony fire combination for her. I think the pig month suits her a little better than it does Donald. The day is a fu yin day to Donald's health pillar (month) and as such shakes up the root of his chart (the month pillar). In addition, the pig combines with his sheep to form wood, which is made stronger by the presence of the yang wood on the day. Wood is his least favourable element. There is no competition for combination as the day yang wood combines with the month yin earth so is not going to compete with the yang wood and yin earth combination in his natal chart.

The conclusion

Neither Hilary nor Donald is clearly a winner this year. They both have things going for them and things going against them. The day of the election favours Hilary more than Donald. The year (the monkey) favours Donald more than Hilary. Donald likes Fire and the Dog and the Horse in his chart are part of the 3 harmony combination of fire BUT his Dog is no longer available to him - he can draw on the Dog in the month of the October however. His nemesis is the pig which produces his least favourable element by combining with his spouse palace.

I am going to sit on the fence! I feel that the result will not be known until we leave the month of the monkey and rooster and see who is still standing. I feel both of them have threats to their health and their wellbeing - both of them are caught in the cross-hairs of legal actions which may yet disqualify them for the highest office in the land.

I will continue to modify or update this blog through the months with comments during the months of September and October.

Good luck America - I feel you will need it.

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