2019 The Earth Pig


2019 The Earth Pig

31 December 2018

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In the absence of evidence take no action!

The pig is in charge of the second half of the year and the yin earth is in charge of the 1st half of the year.

yin earth

is a feminine principle.

Earth is itself nourished by fire, exhausted by metal, controlled by wood and controls water. This is part of the natural order of things.

The earth dominates from February through end of June.


the pig is the final sign of the Chinese zodiac. It signals the end of a cycle of 12.

It is called a travel sign (one of 4). Each of which is regarded as having very strong qi. It is regarded as the birth place of wood. The wood and water that are buried in the pig are yang - this is paradoxical as the pig is regarded as a yin zodiac sign. The water is secondary qi and nourishes the wood. The wood is therefore very robust, capable of great and sustained action.

earth pig

The first half of the year we have yin earth being disrupted by what sits beneath it - the wood (which breaks up earth) and the water which is controlled by earth - you can see that the cycle is not clear and clean. However, yang wood makes a very prosperous combination with yin earth. This means, in the right circumstances, with the right information you may be able to be very profitable. This is particularly so if you have yang wood in your chart or if you are a yang wood day master.

Because wood controls or breaks up earth and earth is the most visible element in the first half of the year, wood is seen as power. In the second half of the year there is the opportunity for wealth creation as now the wood is in charge and the earth is dominated by wood. It will also fuel inflation some, particularly in the rare earths and minerals extraction area and the oil industry. Other commodities that are extracted from the earth will be strong in 2019.

The irritating forces sit below the surface, and being invisible, become unpredictable.

When the monthly energies support either wood or water there may be additional challenges or support depending on your chart.

March, July and November will support the incipient wood.

August and September will have water stems to support the water and thus the wood in the annual pig.

Fist half of the year will support power and second half will support wealth.


The industries which will prosper will be quarries, rare earth minerals, mineral extraction the first half of the year, and publishing, teaching, legal profession in the 2nd half.


Expect to see the judicial systems around the world being challenged in many ways - some by the actions of dictators and some by the actions of strong oversight courts (high court in Australia) with the international judicial system also coming unde scrutiny and also passing humanitarian laws which may be binding on all people (who subscribe to the rule of international law). There will  be people pushing the boundaries in terms of sovereignty. The international courts will also be busy and there will be some consensus around general principles about movement of refugees across borders.


There well may be confrontation on the high seas as Japan has unilaterally withdrawn from the International Whaling Commission so there is likely to be some serious run in with environmental groups and other countries who are signatories to the ban on whaling possibly taking punitive actions against Japan such as trade embargoes and the such. There will be very decisive moves made by China around Taiwan's sovereignty too.

A lot of the conflict in the world will be focused in the North East of the world (spreading the globe out from the International Date Line). Disputation will also arise in the South so Antarctica could see disputation over minerals rights, extraction of minerals and oil (possibly). A lot of legal action will arise in and over this area. There may be extreme conflict in South America.


There will be lots of travel for career advancement and travel for travel's sake. If you have the pig as your personal travel sign then you should purposefully be on the move. If you don't move for your job or factor in frequent travel then you may find yourself in conflict with your self! Take up cycling, rowing, train travel to  help honour this energy.

If Wisdom Prevails

If wisdom prevails (and so it should) then perhaps a more benevolent approach to the biblical movement of people across the globe will prevail too. Praying for world peace and alleviation of war and thus poverty would help us all meet our obligations as sentient beings on this globe.

Be not hasty to judge

Earth is associated with trust and faith

Wood with uprightness, rule of law and justice

Water with fear, communication and intellectual pursuits.

What can we infer from all these energies?

In our actions with others we should ask ourself is that (action or thought) righteous  - this is the confucian principle of righteous action (that of right action) not what we in the west define as self-righteousness. If you seek to justify your thoughts, actions or speech you can probably infer that there is more to the situation than you are will to examine or can see.

Be not hasty to judge others and do not speak ill of others - would I like someone to say that about me on that evidence? No - then don't do it! Be even handed, thoughtful and wise in your examination of things. In the absence of evidence take no action!


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