2019 USA Politics


2019 USA Politics

5 January 2019

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Lets look at the 3 most powerful people in USA politics.

On the 3rd of January Nancy Pelosi took up the gavel as speaker of the House of Representatives in the US.

This puts her 3rd in line in the leadership of the United States of America.

1. Nancy Pelosi

Born 26th of March 1940.

She has a yang earth dragon day pillar; yin earth rabbit month and yang metal dragon year. This makes her a true Fei Kong lady.

She is over 60 and has passed her 6th luck cycle so the influence of the year pillar wanes and the time pillar comes into play. We do not know what lies on that pillar as we do not have her hour of birth.

She has a changing chart (on face value) and will either be wood or water depending on circumstance. In 07 through 16 she was following water. She was previously speaker in 07 through 11 in her yang water monkey luck cycle (followed water).

2017 was a Fei Kong year, which is when she was put forward as the probably speaker of the house by the Democrats (who took charge of the House of Representatives with a resounding win in the mid-term elections).

2019 will by a yin earth pig year - the pig will combine with her rabbit forming wood. Her 4th pillar age 37 (1977 - 1986) was a previous rabbit pig combination for her. She held many important DNC positions during that period. I believe the pig will be very favourable for her.

2. Mike Pence

Born 7th June 1959

He has a yang metal monkey day pillar, and yang metal horse month pillar, a yin earth pig year pillar.

He has a changing chart - water, fire, wood are his favourable elements.

His change to the yang wood rat pillar in June 2019 makes him follow water but not till 2024.

He will leave his extremely favourable 2009 - 2018 luck pillar of yin wood over ox in June of 2019. The yang wood in the 1st half of the 6th cycle will form a favourable combination with his yin earth year stem BUT that pillar looses its influence (year) after you enter your 6th pillar. We do not have his time pillar and so cannot speak with a great deal of confidence.

The earth pig (annual 2019) will combine with his natal year pillar of yin earth pig (this is a replicated pillar) which is not always auspicious.

The Yang wood in his new luck pillar will compete to combine with the yin earth in the stem of 2019 and with the yin earth in his natal year stem.

Not necessarily a fortunate combination for him as it forms power. The last time he encountered wood in the 93 through 98 rabbit cycle was rather neutral in terms of his career.

3. Donald Trump

Born 14th June, 1946 @ 10:54 am DLS which brings him back to 9.54 am. There is dispute about the hour of birth. I think the evidence of his extremely lucky chart confirms that he was born in the dragon hour and not the snake hour.

He has a yang earth dragon time pillar, a yin earth sheep day pillar, a yang wood horse month and a yang fire dog year. He is over 60 years of age and in the last half of his 7th luck pillar.

He is a dominant earth chart. He likes fire; earth, metal and dislikes water and wood.

Despite all the favourable things in his chart he is an older man. 2019 he also comes under the influence of the ox part of his 7th luck cycle which will clash with his house of spouse (day branch) and the pig of 2019 will try to combine with his sheep in his house of spouse forming wood which is his least favourable element.

The yin earth in the stem for 2019 will compete with his day master for the yang wood in his month of birth. Overall the pig will not be that helpful to Trump especially in the month of March. Pence is not actually his ideal 'partner' as the pig in Pence's natal chart combines with The Donald's sheep in his day branch and the year of the pig (2019) forms more wood. Pence can use the wood but Trump cannot.

I do not see 2019 being favourable to Trump - particularly the 2nd half of the year but that it will favour Pence and Pelosi more.


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