2020 heralds period of 9


2020 heralds period of 9

30 December 2019

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Change of decade

2020 is either the end of the decade or the beginning of the new decade - depends what side of zero you land!

Why it is important!

Well every 20 years we have a change of dominant energies.

There is a lag time for each of these changes - just as yin gives rise to yang in a smooth flow so the change of periods has an arising and a contracting energy.

The period of 7 ended in 2004 and gave rise to the period of 8.

By 2024 the period of 9 is fully formed. We are now in the transition energy where 8 is yielding to 9.

We do our calculations and interpretations based on certain formulae which helps us determine what qualities of chi will prevail and what to nurture and what to curb within us -  we are a mirror of the universe, and our microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm.

trigram li (period of 9)

The period of 9 governed by, and empowered by the trigram Li, the middle daughter - the emphasis will switch from male energy to female energy. The feminine will prevail and the masculine will retreat (do not read this in terms of men and women but rather the chi of yang and the chi of yin).

Li trigram governs the heart, the mind (indirectly), the passions, joy and benevolence / philanthropy.

change of the order

We can see that the order is changing with women starting to take up leadership positions both nationally and internationally.

Our near neighbours New Zealand elected a woman Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern - born 1980) who, in the last few years, has really advanced the cause of compassion and benevolence to: the detainees on Manus Island offering some a refuge, to the victims of the Christchurch massacre offering her compassion, and her leadership to the victims of the White Island tragedy flying there as soon as possible to offer solidarity. What does she do that is different. She acts decisively and is not afraid of displaying human emotions in times of stress / trauma thus giving people the opportunity to truely express theirs - none of this stiff upper lip rubbish. This is a quality of the trigram Li.

Lets look at some of the other women who are global or national role models.

The recently installed leader of Finland (10th Dec 2019). For some reason it drew the ire of antediluvian buffalos of europe (some). Sanna Marin - born 1985 is of the trigram Li. She only finished her masters degree in Administrative Science in 2017.

Ana Brnabic - leader of Serbia since 2017 till now was born late 1975 (just within the parameters of the Li trigram)

Katrina Jakobsdottir - prime minister of Iceland - born 1976.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitrovic - 4th prime minister of Croatia elected 2015 and still in power!

These are but a few significant women most of whom we've hardly heard about!

For other significant women we may or may not have heard about look at the following -  Council of Women Leaders for more information.

qualitative difference

Women who operate from the dominant female qi - their style of leadership is much more in tune with the creativity and consultative nature of Trigram Li. Any person can use the qualities of yin or yang to wield power. It is a decision one must make - we all have an opportunity to both lead and to follow. If we learn and incorporate the qualities of the new paradigms then we will not seek to dominate. Imagine it like a midwife guiding the birth of a child into the world. To force the birth or to facilitate the birth that is the question - learn to stand beside people rather than forcing them to follow our lead /ideas / beliefs. Exercise firmness when needed but be yielding when necessary / prudent / appropriate. We don't have to know how to do everything or know all things - a good leader can nurture and 'birth' those qualities in others.

Sometimes we do not know why things do not flow - sometimes the universe is waiting to whisper in our ear. I have finally heard what the universe wanted me to write about for 2020.

I will either add to this blog or write further on period of 9 as more information comes to me. Stay tuned.

Other topics will relate to the direction of the qi, how to harness it, how to cultivate the qualities that nurture the feminine (yin qi).



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