2020 some metal rats


2020 some metal rats

6 December 2019

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The first of the Metal Rats we will look at is Adam Schiff the Democratic Chair of the intelligence committee.

1. Adam Schiff

He has a very interesting chart.

His day master is yin metal sitting over the snake. The snake has metal, fire and earth buried in it.

He has a changing chart and can switch from follow metal, to follow water or to follow fire depending on what is around in his luck pillars and the annual pillar.

He hit his professional heyday (legal profession) during the 80's and took up his current occupation as Democratic representative for one of the districts of California in 2000 (that means he has been in the house of representatives for nigh on 20 years).

This occurred when the fire was strong in his chart (dog combined with the horse) in the year of the metal dragon.

He has come to a pivotal role in the Comey / Trump / Russian investigation and has become a world recognisable face and name since 2018 (earth dog year) when they launched the Russian investigation (US legislature).

In 2015 (wood sheep year) he entered his yang earth luck pillar.

He has a special day pillar which means he is a very strategic thinker.

He also has a lot of blessings in his chart so most of his career decisions have been supported by the universe.

2. James Comey

Has a complex but interesting chart.

His day master is yang fire rat which is a special combination.

He follows water and events in his life follows very closely changes in luck pillars. He came into the most relevant (for global events) pillar in 2007 (yin water), 20013 (snake) and 2017 (yang wood).

If you step back from the ridiculous partisanship that has overtaken American body politic his career has been VERY interesting.

He has been supported or challenged also in the annual energies.

The stand out year is 2017. It was a yin fire rooster year. It was also the end of his snake luck pillar and the transition to the wood pillar. He was dismissed on May 9th by Donald Trump, who typically used twitter to communicate key and important decisions. He was terminated on the 9th of May - the chart was day - yang fire monkey, the month was yin wood snake, the year was yin fire rooster. There was a strong flow of metal present which represents wealth for his yang fire day master. He prefers to remain as water flow which came back for him in 2019.

Looking at the key moments in his career and how precise he has been around representing the best of justice - he endeavours to always do what the law determines. His most strategic decision (personally) was to keep contemporaneous notes of all meetings he had with Donald Trump through the controversial period of 2016, 17 and 18. April 17th 2018 he published his book about the 'controversy'. He has demonstrated what a special chart he has and how he has significant support from the universe.

3. Antonio Banderas

Spanish actor, brought to international attention in Pedro Almodovar (spanish movie director) movies.

He has a yang metal horse day pillar. This is also, like Comey and Schiff a special formation. He has a changing chart and his life events follow very closely his changing luck pillars and his preference for fire (power).

On the 26 th January 2017 he had a heart attack and had stents inserted in 3 vessels. This was a yin water ox day, yin metal ox month, yang fire monkey.

His least favourable element earth was present in both day and month whilst he was in the rat part of his 5th luck cycle (2nd half). He survived because his 3rd most favourable element was also strongly present. He also gets support from the ox.

He received his first role from Pedro Almodovar in 1982 (yang water dog year). Present were 2 of his most favourable elements.

He reached his American zenith from about 1991 which was during his 3rd luck pillar of fire sitting over fire (dog). From then until 2019 he was in fire, wood, water cycles. 

He has many blessings in his chart and 2019 saw him honoured with the Best Actor for Pain and Agony at the Cannes Film Festival. If you haven't seen the movie yet - have a look for the opening scene where you see him submerged under water - full frontal and the large scar on his chest is VERY visible, in fact the cameral lingers on it for quite a long time. 

Oh btw it is my 10/10 movie for 2019! Just sayin'.



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