2021 - metal ox - global analysis


2021 - metal ox - global analysis

23 December 2020

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We look to overlay the globe split along the international date line over the annual flying star and the sha's for the year.

1.The Sha forces 2021

The ox is the grand duke – it is located in the 1st third of the north east. The north east has the annual 9 star there it is fire and does not harm the Gua (or the segment it covers).

The sheep is the year breaker – it is located in the 1st third of the south west segment. The south west has the 3-litigation star located there. It is not unreasonable to expect that there will be disputed claims between the countries which have stakes in the Antarctica and those countries which fall under the purview of the ox.

The 5 shas are located in the direction of the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon. There are definitely significant forces gathering in the location and direction of the dragon. Again, there will be impact on Africa: Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mali are all under the spell (influence of the dragon). The Dragon is also impacted by the sickness star 5. Therefore, of all the 5 sha directions / locations the Dragon is the most heavily affected. The Dragon also touches parts of the Antarctic. There are many countries bases which are located in this area including Mawson, China, Soviet Union, Japan.

2.The negative flying stars

The 2 is in the North – this is a sickness star and covers a huge amount of the world population. It spans 60 degrees east and west of the prime meridian (GMT).

The 5 is in the south east. This covers the area bounded by the dragon through to the snake and the countries that it influences Africa particularly South Africa Madagascar Angola Mali Mozambique and a large part of south-eastern Antarctica. This is a sickness star and again targets the centre of the body so gastric system, colon, stomach.

In the Southwest we have the three (3) this is the litigation star. It covers a fair bit of southern South America. We can expect disputes generated by the box and the shape being in the line of fire will bear the brunt of litigation. This means that disputation amongst countries about resources in Antarctica my end up in The Hague. The Antarctic treaty was first signed in 1961 which was also a year of the metal ox.

In the northwest we have the 7. The 7 is a yin star and this Gua is a yang Gua they are both metal so this will end up in conflict also. It is quite possible that there will be disputes about the vaccination programme and priority areas for the rollout. There may be some vaccinosis as a result of the rapid roll out of the vaccine. It is possible that some areas my ‘appropriate’ other states or countries allocations. It could see riots and insurrection in the area of this Gua.

3.The positive flying stars

We have the 9 in the north east which will take some pressure off ‘the China thing’. It is a benevolent star but can bring a rush of blood to the head with overly passionate people misspeaking (sounds like more of the same in terms of Australia China relations but hopefully wise heads and quiet counsel will prevail.

We have 4 in the East. This can be a bit tricky especially as it sits in the Gua related to wood – can be too intransigent (Australia) as the yin and yang wood quarrel about who is strongest (has the biggest muscles). Not really reason for alarm – just keeping a wise. Proportionate response. Don’t roll out your most senior person to protest, ensure that the status of the person responding matches the status of the person issuing the statement(s).

In Australia perhaps we will have a wiser response with Simon Birmingham taking over the role of Trade Minister having been a diplomat previously.

We have 1 in the South – no harm it is a benevolent star.

In the West we have the 8 which is greatest prosperity and help for the planet (Gaia).

In the centre which gives us one of the keynotes for the year is the wise and solicitous 6 which is yang metal). This gives an overall tone for the world and help to the south of northern Africa. They need all the help and benevolence they can get.

This is a companion article to the annual analysis of stems and branches.

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