2023 rabbit year


2023 rabbit year

1 January 2023

Important lesson - be very careful when trying to communicate during Mercury retrograde!!!! I wrote a whole spiel, closed the full browser tab - yes you guessed it - before I had saved it!!! Then multiple times the backend refused to save what I had written!!!

The stem and branch

The stem is yin water.

The branch is rabbit - which has yin wood qi.

Water feeds wood - this is harmonious.

However, the water is like constant rain - just light but adding to a huge amount of water that can uproot trees as it penetrates the earth deeply, adding to underground water, soakage, and lifting the water table. I don't know if you have seen a flooded paddock, or swamp land. Certain grasses survive, rice flourishes (with the right heat), but things from below will also migrate to the surface and become visible. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It can also bring salts from below which IS a bad thing.

Because the rabbit is a Tao Hua or Romance star the nature of these things that rise to the surface may well be sex 'scandals' or 'revelations'. Please be meticulous with your personal intimate relationships and make sure no gossip escapes your mouth (or your fingertips - rumour and innuendo are not facts).

I feel, because the literary arts star is in the centre this year so the world will begin to seriously consider how to limit the untrammelled power of social media and influence(ers) and start to hold to account those organisations which make profit from the misery, shame and exploitation of others and will be held to account around the globe.

The global flying stars

The global or extended flying star has 4 centred over the ocean and the southern area of western Africa and some of northern Africa. The centre is hard to determine with such a scale at play. As 4 stands for literary arts and beauty it may be that the African nations notion of beauty and lierature could rise in prominence. Could this signal a resurgence in African motifs in visual arts representation and writing. Who will win the 2023 Booker prize, or other prominent literary prizes.

The 6 is in the west and covers the 45 degrees allocated to the west Gua (house). It has multiple things hitting it at the same time - the annual sha of the year breaker, the visiting 6 sitting in the yin metal Gua (Loshu 7) - this is a clash of metal on metal associated with the mouth, with the teeth, with chatter and utterances, AND the rooster is also a romance star. This reinforces the energies around sex and sexuality. To add to the burden the 5 shas are in the West and afflict the position of the monkey, rooster, and dog.

The 5 is in Northwest Gua, it brings sickness and trouble to this area of the globe. The northwest is under the influence of Loshu 6. The 5 is sickness and will especially influence the area of the dog which is the first one third of the northwest Gua this is the illness direction. Global illnesses will break out in these areas first. This is most of the north of America Canada and some of Greenland.

The 9 is in the north GUA That is the Gua that relates to water, and Loshu number 1. This is very harmonious. Let us hold a constant though and aspiration that the conflict in Ukraine resolves fast under this influence.  A bonus might be that there is a shift towards localised renewable energies rather than fossil fuels that are transported many kilometres away from their place of origin. This is something we can all concentrate on too.

The 7 is in the northeast GUA and covers much of Asia, Russia parts of Africa, and the Middle East. This is the home of the Loshu number 8. The 8 is earth, 7 is metal so the metal is being dug up out of the earth. 7 and 8 ownership and exploitation of resources is a focal point for this Gua.

The 2 is in the east GUA. It is the home of the Loshu 3. The 2 and the 3 conflict with each other. The 2 relates to women and the 3 relates to young men. Yang wood (3) is inflexible and rigid unbending. It feels as though reproductive legal rights will be a focus in these areas (huge swathe of Oceania). These are some areas where the legal issues around reproduction and exploitation of poor women for surrogacy - watch and learn.

The 3 is in the southeast Gua. This is the home of Loshu 4 and brings conflict between young women and young men. There is not a large amount of landmass that falls under the influence of this GUA but the issue of exploitation of Antarctica and southern Africa will become prominent. Particularly food and food production / distribution.

The 8 is in the South Gua. This is the last time that 8 will be in the jockey position. By January 2024 the dominant qi will be ruled by Loshu 9. This is the wealth star for the remainder of the period of 8 (one year). There is very little landmass that will profit from this, however those countries with ports align to the South or the doors to their parliamentary building will prosper in 2023. It is the confluence of current and emerging prosperity.

The 1 is in the southwest GUA. This is one of the emerging energies for the period of 9. The 1 is benevolent, gentle and promotes excellence in communication.  Tourism may flourish in these areas of South America.

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