Bill Shorten


Bill Shorten

15 May 2016

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So lets look at Bill Shorten for Prime Minister and see if he has the goods to take him through to election day 2016?

He was born 12th may 1967, we don't have his hour of birth. Of note - he is a twin but we don't know if he is 1st or 2nd born twin.

His pillars are:


 yang fire yin wood yin fire yang metal yang fire
 rat snake sheep rat monkey
 water metal / fire earth / fire water water

This is a changing chart - with him able to flow to water, wood, metal or fire depending what arrives in the luck cycles and the annual cycles.

Currently he is in the second half of his 5th luck cycle which is the Rat luck.

The rat in the second half of his luck cycle combines with the rat in his spouse palace and the monkey of 2016 to make a water flow. He has the prime and birth of water here.

When the horse comes along he switches to a fire flow. This could make him dominant BUT the presence of the prime of water sitting in his spouse palace is a serious spoiler for a dominant fire flow - he therefore doesn't like switching to fire. The month of June is the horse month.


He Graduated from Monash with a Bachelor of Laws in 1992 (Yang Water Monkey year) in his Yang Water luck cycle - he followed water (wealth) - this supports the underlying flow in his chart.

He then obtained his Master of Business Administration in 2001 (Yin Water Snake year) still in his Yang Water luck cycle - the Snake in his month pillar combined with the Snake in the year to try to follow metal but without any other of the team he remained following water.

He was the National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union from 2001 - 2007 (he resigned to seek pre-selection). This was in his Yin Metal Ox luck pillar. The Ox combined with the Snake in his month pillar to form metal which just strengthened his water flow.

2006 (Yang Fire Dog) he became a rock star of the union movement. 25th of April 2006 was the dreadful mining disaster in Tasmania which claimed the life of Larry King. Two men who had been trapped underground were brought safely
to the surface and Shorten became a household name - and much loved by the miners and their families as he was in communication with them every day. He and Mathew Gill (the mine manager) were deeply respected by everyone involved in the incident. The men were freed on the 9th of May 2006.

This was a Yang Wood Monkey day, Yang Water Dragon month, Yang Fire Dog year. Without a doubt the flow was water.

He became the member for Maribyrnong (Victoria) in 2007 a yin fire pig year - that was when Kevin Rudd swept to power overwhelming the conservatives then led by John Howard. He was still in the ox luck cycle - metal feeding water.

He became the leader of the Australian Labor Party in a plebiscite of members and officials on 13th October 2013. Yang Water Rat day, Yang Water Dog Month, Yin Water Snake year. He was in the Yang Metal part of his 5th luck cycle.  There was a lot of water in the qi that day, month and year. He also became the leader of the opposition in the Australian Parliament that year.


He married Debbie Beale in 2000 - Yang Metal Dragon year in his Yin Metal luck cycle and divorced in 2008 - Yang Earth Rat year - during his Ox luck cycle.

He married his current wife Chloe Bryce Nov 14th 2009 Yin Water Pig day, Yang Wood Dog month (lunar), Yin Wood Pig month (solar) and Yin Earth Ox year. We only have a year of birth of 1971 for Chloe - that makes her possibly Yin Metal Pig, or if born in January a Yang Metal Dog. Given her husband's chart I imagine it is the year of the Yin Metal Pig - you can see that the Yin Metal and Bill's Yang Fire combine to form a Yuan. The Pig is also Bill's nobleman.

His daughter Clementine was born 11am 24th December 2009 (dls). Yang Fire Dragon Hour, Yin Water Rabbit day, Yang Fire Rat Month, Yin Earth Ox year.

Bill's natal chart has a few helpful Stars such as Fu Xing on his day pillar, and the Talent Star on his Year Pillar.

the election

The election is now scheduled and the circus is rolling out around Australia.

2nd of July, 2016.
 Yin Wood  Yang Wood Yang Fire
 Rooster  Horse Monkey

As it will be a Horse month the Horse will combine with his Snake and Sheep to form seasonal fire.

The Rat in his Day and in his current luck cycle will combine with the emerging Monkey to form water.

I think the fire is stronger, and we have seen that he prefers to surrender to metal or water but not fire.

It doesn't look bright for him - unless Chloe has useful elements that support him but we cannot see her chart - contrast this to Lucy Turnbull who's chart helps Malcolm very well.

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