you are in charge of your feng shui


you are in charge of your feng shui

12 July 2014

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In this Video block we show you how to chose your block of land using the basic principles of balancing yin and yang.

 Instead of spending so much time chasing your tail looking for the right master to study with you can use some of the simple videos, audio material, articles, e-books, blog posts that I have written over the last 10 to 14 years to help you.

There is simply no substitute for personal experience. Since I have been in practice, I have been experimenting with, testing, examining, collecting my own portfolio of case studies.

It was a very proud day from me when my master handed me my certificate to practice Feng Shui. That was in 1997. For some reason this mysterious Eastern metaphysical practice caught my attention, and continues to engage my passions. Since then I have been systematically collecting material, writing about it, speaking about it, and recording it in visual form so that my readers can reap the benefits of my 14+ years of experience.

This is another recording in the series about land-form which is one of them pre-eminent studies and applications of Feng Shui. If you don't get the land-form right, it doesn't matter how well you fly the stars, fiddle with the internal layout you just won't be able to get the benefit of the land, the nourishing qi.

Let me know what you think I'm open to suggestions and let me know what you would like me to speak about, or write about next time.

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