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Fire Monkey Newsletter

5 January 2016

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Well I have finally let the annual newsletter grow up and leave home. It takes me a long time to write (I started early December). Then I have to test all the links to make sure they lead to the right place and the code is good.

Hilariously Mercury went retrograde today and it is hitting me good with technology seemingly failures. It is kind of like - don't get too stressed 'cos we are just joking - now I'm broken, now I'm fixed! 

On the 3rd of January I did the second video for the year of the fire monkey - then it took me 3 days to download it from my tablet, via google drive, fiddle with it in Movie Maker, save it, upload it to YouTube only to find I hated it - just was not what I wanted. I knew I should be able to upload it via the cable to my computer - eventually a friend helped, downloaded new drivers and once again my computer can 'see' my tablet and raise me three spades! (I used to play 500).

OK it all worked honkey dorey today - well not really. I did 5 takes of the video - there is an hilarious bit at the front of the video (edited out) where I had said well fingers crossed for the 7th and final take today. Yea - it was OK - put it into Movie Maker, added the titles and the captions and then uploaded it to YouTube - yea that all went really well, simple, no glitches.

Now the 2nd video is ready and I can finalise the newsletter. Looked at some of the graphics didn't like them moved them around on the page. Set the newsletter to send at 9pm tonight, which was an auspicious time for me, and WTF it sent at 4pm! So practising what I am trying to preach - stay calm and carry on. If you haven't subscribed then you can get a look at the much coddled 2016 newsletter.

Make sure that you do have a feng shui consult from someone trained professionally and with runs on the board in terms of longevity in the business.

You can catch both videos here.

Video Fire Monkey Part 1

Video Fire Monkey Part 2


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