Flying Star 2018


Flying Star 2018

24 December 2017

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Irritating the gua

2018 is going to be interesting as we have many of the stars landing in irritating guas.

However, in the centre we have the happiness star the annual 9. This means you will be invited to weddings, christenings, engagements and other happy events. If your career is in the media and entertainment then your star will rise for sure, most particularly if you are ming gua 9

what is where

  • North - avoid having your main door here (use a secondary door for 2018), and DO NOT put your head on a north wall this year, particularly or especially if the bedroom is in the north too - change rooms!!!! And DON'T argue with me - :-). No there is nothing you can do to ameliorate this energy it has a double whammy which is severe.
  • North East - this star is useable but don't tempt fates if you have any sha chi coming to a door or window in this direction. If you run a legal practice then this is a good location for you. The rest of us need to ensure that we don't tempt the litigation fairy!
  • East - this will be tricky as the 7 that falls in this location in 2018 will torment the wood of this gua. Use water to diminish the impact of the 7. Use another door if you have an option. If you are Ming Gua 3 then avoid this room if possible but at least don't use the eastern or northern wall for your bedhead.
  • South East - this is the most prosperous direction in 2018 but the 8 falls into a wood gua which means it is harder to keep hold of the prosperity being generated. Be modest and don't demand too much from the universe. Use doors located here, particularly if it aligns with your personal ming gua or is a direction that matches your gua.
  • South - this has the annual 4 falling here - good for study, students, hair dressers, beauticians. It is also good if you want to promote your business. As it falls in the fire gua it will really get things going.
  • South - West has the benevolent 6 and it lands in an earth gua - so the gua will bring greater benefits for your career and for people in authority - see what I've said about Fei Kong years in the newsletter which will be published between 25th of December and 31st of December. It is a VERY important consideration.
  • West - this is a really problematic area in 2018 as the sickness star 2 falls into the metal gua of the west. This strengthens the metal and makes it possible that Ming Gua 2 and women may undergo surgery. Beware of food poisoning and gastric related issues. Don't use the West as your principal door in 2018.
  • North West - has the loving and kind communicator here and it is enhanced by falling in the metal gua - good for fathers and for those who are Ming Gua 1 or male heads of the household.
  • Centre - the loving and kind 9 is in the centre. Whilst most other things are variable almost every building has a centre so every building will have their fair share of gift giving and toasting going on. Hip Hip Hooray if you business is to do with entertainment of media generally. Don't waste your time on fictitious friends - get down to some serious human on human contact - it releases oxytocin which is very good for our whole body - brain, blood vessels, digestion etc.

Make 2018 great again - make it work for the whole human race not just one person or one village or one country!


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