Julia Gillard and the rooster day


Julia Gillard and the rooster day

3 August 2010

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Today is a yin wood rooster day. The rooster is yin metal and can control the yin wood. The yin cycle today is complete - with each element being present albeit sometimes only in the secondary qi (fire).

I thought it could be instructional to look at Julia Gillard's chart to see how the day will play out for her in terms of her chart.

Julia is a yin wood day master (the same as today). Sitting directly below her day master is her day branch - in her case it is an ox. The ox makes a favourable union with the rooster in today's qi. The interesting energy of the ox is it is resilient and robust. It keeps going when others give up. Julia is and will continue to be a formidable opponent. She has reasonable personal intuition and it is very much supported today. She is very intelligent, and whilst the energy of the day does not give a great deal of support intelligence or output is the second strongest energy in her chart.Ttoday we have strong power and it meets Julia's already very strong power. I think today will be a turning point for her - she will stand up very strongly and show the world what she is made of. Now she has made the decision to run her own race she will be even more in command. Her natural ability with language will shine through (yin metal governs language, eloquence and engaging the public.

Today is a rooster day and, even though two roosters can be competitive (see Kevin Rudd's chart), when ever a second rooster show's up in the day or the month then it brings support to the second ox in her chart. She has two ox in her chart and the rooster(s) form a union with them that is partially complete, and in the hour of the snake the energy is complete - and the energy formed is metal which reinforces her power.

This is an intelligent woman, who, now she has decided to 'take charge' will really shine. Even though many people have felt that the way she got to power was incorrect when they see who she really is they may warm to her and forgive the way she got to power.

The elections will be held in the month of the wood monkey - we can look more carefully at what that means in terms of the elections later.

If you want to know about what the forthcoming month will hold then you had best sign up for the last 7 places in the forthcoming webinar.


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