Negative Energies


Negative Energies

6 April 2017

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earth energies

There are many different names for different earth energies; telluric energies, Ley lines, Hartmann lines, geopathic stress, mountain or water dragon vein. Some energies are very negative such as black water, others can be too energising such as Ley lines. ..."because we are made up of a very large percentage of water and our cells are vulnerable to very small changes in electrical potential these 'emissions' will be more or less deleterious to different people"

It does not matter what their name is - it is their effects which is important. These energies are generated by a myriad of things, including the earth's core, local magnetic anomalies, meteor debris, solar flares and solar storms, underground streams, dissolved salts and many other things.  Different people experience these lines in different ways.

excess electrical charges

Electricity is a most fascinating thing. We take it so much for granted; we trust that it will be 'there' when we flick a switch. How the circuitry is earthed in our homes and other buildings such as classrooms is extremely important for how healthy those buildings are. There has been a practice in older homes to earth the building through the copper water pipes. In effect this creates an induced field. Sometimes those fields are very unhealthy. It is particularly problematic in places like Hobart where we have so much underground water. In any case it is a very bad practice to use the copper pipes as an earthing device. When buying or selling properties be attentive to these issues and look to see how the building is earthed - the practice is now outlawed in most Australian cities but older properties may never have been rectified.

In more modern buildings and those that have been upgraded there is an earth stake driven into the ground with a white and green wire attached to it (in Australia). There should only be ONE earth stake and it should be placed as close to the fuse box as possible.

In modern developments the electrical cables are placed underground. I have dowsed over and along these cables and find they act like underground water. I have grave reservations about how healthy they are, especially when combined with the trend to reinforced concrete flooring. The metal acts as a focus for any leakage and it is laid out as a closed cell grid. If you are sensitive to small changes in electrical fields then these things can contribute to chronic health maladies.

modern building practices and cultures

PLEASE DON'T use corrugated iron on the walls. If you must use it or you think it looks funky then make sure it is NOT on the walls on which beds will be placed. I had a client who had a chronic health condition. When I looked at her home I could not find a single wall in the main bedroom which was not affected by negative electrical fields. In addition, there was only one room in the whole house which was not affected by these conditions, as corrugated iron had been used extensively in the design! It is my personal opinion that it is a singularly ugly building material in an urban setting. if you are Glenn Murcutt you can get away with it (as his buildings are usually placed in rural settings). I still have reservations even in these settings.

Whilst talking about modern building practices let us also consider the effects of steel framing. Steel is a magnetic material. It is the nature of the product! When you use steel to frame a building you increase the magnetic fields. If you are a strong person this does not matter initially. If however your health is challenged, or you have a tendency to chronic health conditions then this is a big problem. Now let's add a steel framed building to a reinforced concrete slab which is a closed cell grid. Now add some underfloor heating which is laid in a looping grid too. Now add corrugated iron to the walls and the roof! Well we now have a fine soup of competing energies with greater or lesser charges conducted and magnified by them. Now let's put someone with a weakened immune system or a family tendency to chronic illness into this house! We could also add a DEC wireless phone and let's also add Wireless internet connections! Mmm, certainly not Chicken Soup for the Soul or for the body for that matter. You can tinker with the energy of this and that but if you do not address the physical nature of these factors then chronic illness will continue with little resolution possible.

words spoken

What we say in any environment will have an impact on the environment. You know when you walk into a place and someone has been having an argument - you don't have to hear it you just kind of know that something has been going down! Well the negative words that are spoken in any environment create an impact - add intensity and frequency to the equation and we have a thick, dense and polluted environment.

We have a responsibility, an obligation as sentient beings, to guard our words. Catch ourselves when we start to say those habitual things about our family, our furniture, our beliefs and our expectations. You can get some coaching to help with your internal speak or you can use affirmation, however if you do not have a quiet practice then you cannot hear that internal language until it spills out loudly into your precious castle - your home, your family sanctuary.

things done

When violent acts take place in or around places or buildings they leave an imprint. Those energies that are discharged into the environment are so pervasive that they last for centuries in some cases. Most indigenous cultures have memories of these events and the sites that they have taken place on. It is my belief that some of the historical trouble spots in the world have these dense energy prints and they further intensify trouble and difficulties. Without awareness and a desire to resolve these prints then we get to perpetuate the same old stuff. This is one reason that I caution people against buying or inheriting second hand beds, particularly if there have been troubles in the household that the bed rested.

what to do

How can we minimise the impact of these negative energies?

  • Watch what we say, particularly if it is something that we repeat either frequently or with intensity.
  • Watch what we do in our personal spaces.
  • Be very careful when buying a property to investigate the history of the property.
  • Get a competent and diligent Feng Shui analysis - it is possible to both detect and ameliorate some of the energies and others are best left alone.
  • When building from scratch or making an extension ensure that you do a good analysis of the electrical circuitry and make sure that the fuse board is NOT on a wall where a bed or desk might be placed. Make sure that the power plugs are not near where the head will be placed. Ensure that all fuse boxes and internet connectivity is placed on an external wall that does not have daily use. For example ensure that the television or neutral furniture is placed on the wall which holds these electrical components.
  • Keep the use of steel to an absolute minimum when building, refurbishing, extending or renovating.
  • Examine very carefully the type of heating you put into your home. Avoid any underfloor heating including ducted heating. Do consider the water filled radiators also known as hydronic heating.
  • Get a geopathic assessment done. I have had great success with interstate and international clients detecting stress zones and suggesting remedies.

There are many proprietary devices for protecting against these energies. Some are useful, many are just placebo and some tragically are fraudulent. Look carefully at the company's claims – look to see if their research has been independently verified and is backed up by peer reviewed papers. If there are none then do be very careful. Most of the devices that you put onto your phone are of this nature - they are mere placebo - you are better using hands free devices such speaker phone.

In regards to accepting responsibility for what is in our environment may I recommend this book Zero Limits - the secret Hawaiian system of wealth, health, peace and more by Joe Vitale andIhaleakala Hew Len. I highly recommend it. Here is a lovely link to an interview with him.

If you have any questions or observations about your own experiences of Geopathic stress and it's relatives then please feel free to send me a question or request for information

You may quote from this article but please make sure you acknowledge the source.

© Vicki Sauvage originally published 2010

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