Period of 9 part 3


Period of 9 part 3

24 September 2021

We are almost into the full swing of the force of Cycle Of 9. The dominant qi will come from the south and the north will be the direct opposite qi. It brings a change in quality of qi – this is the qi of fire, of the 2nd daughter (in the Yi Ching), and is like the wisdom of the woman of middle years, guiding and nurturing the people to greater personal and collective wisdom. We could call it the getting of wisdom. It is also associated with benevolence. This is a great change from the from the period of 8 which was the trigram of the third son and one of isolation, the mountain and digital communication. 

Having an opening in the South such as your main door or significant windows will enable you to harness this qi. it is important that the mouth is not obstructed by sha chi or trees or other buildings and definitely not fast-moving qi such as found with a T-intersection. 

Countries which have a mouth facing South (very few) will receive the blessings of the universe. It will be a very prosperous time. If there is water in the South East then this will bring prosperity. Melbourne has its mouth open to the South (somewhat), Adelaide also has its mouth open towards the South (somewhat), Hobart has its mouth open to the South (actually more South East) AND has water in the South East. These states will prosper.

Tasmania has a mountain range flowing North South (along the East Coast), and another short range flowing directly to Hobart. Given the incredible increase in Real Estate prices in Tasmania over the last 2 years are this qi is accumulating the place to be, particularly if you can work from home is TASMANIA. Its prosperity if already arising. The previous period of 9 was 1824 - 1844. At this time Tasmania enjoyed many cultural and scientific first BUT and abysmal record with our indigenous people.

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Period of 9 part 3

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The cycles of yin and yang are constantly moving. Yin gives rise to yang and yang descends to give rise to yin.

It is a constantly moving cycle. Through birth and death and birth again.