Period of 9 - the rise of the feminine


Period of 9 - the rise of the feminine

28 October 2018

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I am beginning to think about what we can expect from the gathering of energy around the switch from Period of 8 to Period of 9.

The advent of the #metoo movement and all the spin offs from this phenomenon lead us to the conclusion that the realignment of universal qi is beginning to herald the period of 9. I had a very interesting text message from a student  friend. She had read an article about the terrible "F" moment that was gripping the world (it was from a Feng Shui consultant / master). He / she missed the point the masculine energy of the period of 8 is giving way to the period of 9.

Period of 8 was / is in its death throes - the masculine principle is being replaced by the feminine principle. This is not to be either lamented or overly celebrated - the universal order is about keeping balance, your star shines bright to be replaced by another star which has the same brilliance. So the order is being altered from yang to yin, from male to female, from the digital to the heart, from the tech companies and bionic / micro date / nano particles to the energetic sphere, to the unknown and the inspirational. To acts of kindness and benevolence rather than the merely and solely rational and isolationist.

As all things have their moment in the sun (20 years) and must yield to the opposite polarity if they are to continue without self-extinguishing. To resist this universal order is pointless and harmful to a person's qi. Allow the female principle as much prominence and attention as the male principle of the last 18 years has received.

Focus on feelings, support, nurture, benevolence and bon-homie. Let all visitors be guests at your table. Welcome and embrace difference and embrace all that is rather than solely the rational and known world.


Learn to cook, learn to share food and always make sure there is a place at your table for the visitor / the person who does not have enough. Nutrition, particularly micro-nutrients and feeding the world will come into focus. As the Period of 9 is the fire gua there will be greater urgency around drought relief, famine and desertification. 


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