18 May 2015

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What is Qi Gong

I am often asked what is the difference between QiGong and Tai Chi? 

It is kind of like asking what is the difference between the sun and the moon.

QiGong is the energy or qi within Tai Chi and Tai Chi is Qi Gong in motion.

Qi Gong should be present in Tai Chi - if it isn't then it is merely exercise - going through the motions. 

The benefits of Tai Chi are only manifest or apparent when the qi is present.

Qi Gong and Feng Shui

How does a knowledge of Qi Gong inform Feng Shui - well it is the analysis of subtle energies. You can either go to a site and analyse it with a simple formula or you can go to a site and analyse it with your super-sensitive instrument - the human body.

If we as practitioners are not aware of our own internal qi system then we will struggle to differentiate between the environmental qi and our qi - this means our analysis is prone to or vulnerable to personal interpretation and bias.

We reject what we should embrace and embrace what should be rejected.

So how to discriminate - how to examine the unseen universe.

Practice daily internal qi discipline - either; tai chi, qi gong, or  yoga

When you practice qi control, (directing of qi) then you will be able to discriminate very well by monitoring your own internal environment. In addition to Qi Gong there are mindfulness meditation practices that enable us to discriminate very well what is internal and what is external - what is ours and what belongs to not me.

A clue to what is going on is your internal responses - if they are active then you or the environment is producing something. If you have a practice that helps with that discrimination then you are able to help the clients - if not you are hindering and should be more clear about your own energy system.

Simple Qi Gong

A simple Qi Gong practice will help with that differentiation.

Stand with your feet hip width apart.

Feet parallel to each other and aligned on the same plane as each other.

Put the tongue at back of the teeth where the hard palate meets the back of the teeth - pressure is light.

Close the eyes approximately 80%.

Take your attention to your breath at Dantien (the area around your umbilicus or navel) and breath naturally - not controlled in any way.

Now relax your butt muscles, so that you appear to be about to sit down - your knees should not be deeply bent. 

Continue to focus your attention on your breath, watching the abdomen rise and fall rhythmically.

Continue to focus on the abdomen, with the hands hanging loosely at your sides - not swinging.

Take your attention to the navel and watch the belly rise or expand outwards with your in breath and sink backwards towards the spine with your out breath.

Practice this 5 minutes twice a day for a week then go on to stage 2.

If you would like to teach yourself more Qi Gong practices then I recommend this website - Spring Forest Qi Gong.

If you want to go to YouTube I have put selected video's into a play list.

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