Scott Morrison


Scott Morrison

11 April 2016

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This is the second in my series of Australian politicians vying for the top job in Australian politics for 2016.

Scott Morrison, whilst he has not put his hand up to be considered for the top job (at this stage), was certainly touted as a future Prime Minister when the conservatives were in opposition. This is also true of Joe Hockey who has exited stage right over to the Great US of A.

So lets look at Scott's chart.

His date of birth is May 13th 1968 in NSW - we do not have an hour for him.

His chart is

day month year current year
yin water yin fire yang earth yang fire
sheep snake monkey monkey

Hi is a yin water day master. He has yin fire in his month stem and yang earth in his year stem.

His Luck Cycles run like this:


 8 18 28 38 48 58 68
 1976 1986 1996 2006 2016 2026 2036
 yang earth yin earth yang metal yin metal yang water yin water yang wood
 horse sheep monkey rooster dog pig rat

Looking for any combinations or teams, we see there are no stem combinations that count in the natal chart until we arrive at the yang water in the stem of the 5th luck cycle. There was a stem combination in his 1st luck pillar but not helpful in terms of his career (a tad too early).

Looking to the branches we see a 6 harmony combination with the Snake and the Monkey in the year and month branch. 2016 this creates a fight to combine situation between the Monkey of the current year and the Monkey in his year of birth - this is not auspicious. What about the stem combination - it means that power will come to him and his career will prosper. It lasts for 5 years!

does he have any allies in his chart?

In his birth chart he has both a nobleman in the Snake and a special star in the Monkey. However, to bring out the full benefits of these stars, you need both and he only has the Monkey - the Dog is his other special star and it will not show up again until October, perhaps not soon enough to be helpful. It does appear in this new luck cycle but it does not come into focus for another 5 years. I do not have access to his wife's birth details so can't see what she may contribute to him.

His second nobleman is the Rabbit, the Rabbit month has come and gone so cannot help him again this year unless there is someone in his field of view who is a Rabbit or has a Rabbit in their natal chart.

Tony Abbott has a Dog in his month branch and a Rooster in his year branch. Abbott had a strong metal flow which is now in rapid decline as he is changing luck periods this year.

Julie Bishop has  a Rooster in her day pillar she is also now in a strong metal flow with a partial metal team.

See below in terms of a favourable flow for him.

changing chart

He has a changing or borderline chart!

  • The Snake plus the Sheep combined with the horse in his 1st luck pillar to form the season of fire - this created a fire flow for him (wealth). 
  • The Sheep in the second luck pillar may have contributed to him marrying early but nothing significant was formed so he remained a borderline chart for that period. During the Horse years or months he would have a fire flow.
  • When the Monkey came along in the 3rd luck pillar he was a fight to combine with his Snake month pillar - he was a successful businessman and became a significant functionary in the Liberal Party of NSW during that period. In the year of the Rabbit he would have prospered greatly.
  • Yin Metal in his 4th luck period did not combine with anything in his chart so left him a merely a borderline changing chart - waiting for the annual energies to help establish a flow. He can always have a fire, wood, or metal flow and adapt to the qi that is brought with those energies.
  • The Rooster in the second part of his 4th luck pillar gave him a partial metal team - this changed him to a follow metal (resource flow).
  • When the Horse comes along he gets four branches in a row which is beneficial and it again creates a flow of fire for him (wealth). Malcolm Turnbull has a Horse in his year pillar.

metal flow

His 4th luck pillar starting 2006 was Yin Metal sitting over the Rooster. The Yin Metal helped with creating a flow in his chart. He won pre-selection for the seat of Cook in 2007 which was a Yin Fire Pig year giving him a wood flow (output). That was the year that Kevin Rudd won the election with his Kevin 07 campaign. The election was held on the 24th of November 2007. It was a Yang Water Dog (his missing special star) day in a Yin Metal Pig month, in a Yin Fire Pig year. The two pigs provided an additional 2 travel stars giving him 4 travel stars (albeit one being repeated). 

He became Treasurer on the 21st of September 2015. It was a Yang Metal Rat day, in a Yin Wood Rooster month in the Yin Wood Sheep year. This is his favourable rooster appearing again confirming that he can use this metal flow very well.

The election day

The day of the election will be a Yin Wood Rooster day, in the month of the Yang Wood Horse, in the year of the Fire Monkey.

The month brings his favourable Horse giving him four in a row and bringing him back to a favourable fire (wealth) flow.

The Rooster will combine with his snake to form a partial metal team - in fact the Rooster gives him 5 in a row.

My intuition tells me that he isn't quite well enough positioned to take out the leadership of the Liberal Party after the July 2nd Election, but when the leadership of his party comes up for consideration (after the election) he may decide to chance his hand - depends who retains their seat and who loses their seat.

He likes the Horse (Turnbull), he likes the Rooster (Abbott, Bishop, Abetz, Brandis,Cormann, Sinodinos all have roosters in their year or their month). He can therefore adapt to the circumstances around him. He positions himself as a conservative dry. We will look at Abbott and Bishop later in this series.

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