Tasmania's Fei Kong lesson


Tasmania's Fei Kong lesson

3 May 2018

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It is impossible (at this stage) to find out what time the little coup took place.

The first post on the ABC site has 15.50 as a time stamp but it may have occurred earlier than that. In fact, the first order of business may have been to appoint the speaker in a new parliament.

1st of May was a yin water snake day, yang fire dragon  month, in a yang earth dog year. The Yang Earth Dog is a Fei Kong combination.

The planning had to have taken place prior to that time stamp.

If it took place the day previous it would have been a Yang Water Dragon day which was also a Fei Kong Day!

At least some of the conversations had to have taken place on the Fei Kong day.

Sue Hickey

Sue was born 25th July, 1958.

Her chart is therefore:

Yin water rabbit day; yin earth sheep month; yang earth dog year.

This means that Sue has a very special chart and that there are many strong supports in her chart for career advancement. At age 57 (in 2015 - yin wood sheep year) she entered a new luck cycle of yin water sitting over the ox. She will come under the influence of the ox in 2020, meantime the yin water makes a favourable combination with her Yang Earth Year Stem.

This year is a Fei Kong year, and Sue has a Fei Kong year pillar. When you have one, whenever another comes along it drags the inner Fei Kong to the surface.

Sue has proven herself to be very strategic as a politician. Her public life is one of courage and overcoming personal challenges.

What this all means once the Earth Dog leaves us in 2019 we will have to wait and see.

Fei Kong and you

This is for all my clients who have a demi-fei kong chart and for those who have a fei kong chart.

Last year was about watching what words left our lips and checking to see they were righteous (not self-righteous). This year is about waiting for the full picture to become clear. Don't act until all the information is at hand. Going half cocked will only result in the most powerful stealing in and taking the prize.

There are many forms of power and dominating others or situations is only one example.

Without the other women's help in the opposition Sue would not have been leap frogged into this position - look for allies not to seduce and 'whinge' to but to support your just causes. Right time, right action is supported by heaven.

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