The bloodless coup


The bloodless coup

25 June 2010

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25th June 2010 bloodless coup in Canberra, the world applauds Obama's swift action to replace McChrystal. Well it was a momentous day yesterday eh. What is unfolding today?

It is a yang fire horse day, sitting next to a yang water horse day, and the year is yang metal tiger. The tiger and the horse make the half frame of fire. The emperor of the day is yang fire and the horses are yin fire. Yin and yang fire = competition between males and females. It will be interesting the see what happens when Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott face off against each other.

When looking at a politicians chart who aspires to lead a party or a nation we are looking for the correct power - qi sha.  Julia Gillard has it in excess, Kevin Rudd has a small amount natally, Tony Abbott has none natally (although we do not have his hour of birth), but gets some in his current luck pillar, Julie Bishop has it natally, Barack Obama has it natally, Joe Hockey does not have it natally, but in 2013 he will come into a luck cycle with it, Malcolm Turnbull has it natally. Let us see how all this plays out on the arena of Canberra! Even more we need to be taking up the role of leadership in our homes, our communities, our towns.

The clash today is to the rat. This means a double assault for the rat as there are two horses snorting and prancing around with all their fire. Mr and Ms rat need to be quieter today.  No rushing around doing the grocery shopping, stocking up the larder. Time for quiet and introspection today.

The horse is a Tao Hua or peach blossom so those of you born in the years of the snake, ox, rooster are looking good today.

Your challenge today is to look at the times you step out of integrity. The times when you let things slide and let your emotions rule your decisions. More and more we are being called to tread the path of righteousness, the path of integrity and sincerity. Let us rise to the occasion and then the politicians and the media can rise to that standard.

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