Tony Abbott


Tony Abbott

15 May 2016

Tags: Fei Kong  

Tony Abbott - the perennial campaigner / candidate.

Seriously Tony's hour is not yet spent.

He is born 4th of November 1957 in the UK.

His Natal Chart is:

 Yang Metal Yang Metal Yin Fire Yang Wood Yang Fire
 Dragon Dog Rooster Dragon Monkey

He has a fei kong chart which can become dominant when the monkey comes along.

He would like to be dominant and in his previous luck cycle - the Yin Wood Snake cycle he did become dominant but, now with the change of luck cycle this year, at best he could be regarded as being in transition, and at worse is out of the metal luck cycle.

The earth in the dragon and the dog supports the metal dominance BUT can be disrupted by Rat or Tiger and Horse.

The Monkey of 2016 combines with his Dragon to form a partial team of water. The Dog, Rooster and Monkey also form seasonal metal for him. The monkey has not really started to assert itself in July 2016 but it is growing in strength and power.

He will NOT like the month of June as it is a Horse month - the election will be held in the Horse month.

lost the leadership

He lost the leadership of the ruling conservative party 9.15pm on the 14th of September 2015 (Yin Water Snake day, Yin Wood Rooster, Yin Wood Sheep Year - Yin Water Pig hour). The Snake luck cycle was waning, the wood present in the Sheep and the Pig and in the stems (month and hour) stopped his dominant flow of metal. The two Yin Wood tried to combine with his two yang metals making him take his eye off the game - this is a wealth combination.
As he is in his middle years the influence of his year pillar is waning and we don't know what is in his hour pillar so difficult to see how it will all pan out for him - like the magician he could pull a rabbit out of the bag for sure.

So how will he fare at the upcoming election?

election day

2nd of July, 2016.
 Yin Wood  Yang Wood Yang Fire
 Rooster  Horse Monkey

He will like the day - the yin wood rooster will strengthen his metal flow. The Horse in the election month will combine with the Dog in his month to form fire. If Margie his wife stands by his side and supports him her two roosters and her ox will support him to stay strong metal. He will also find the wood around him very irritating. His current luck pillar is Yang Wood, the day of the election is yin wood and the month of the election is Yang wood.

Being a Fei Kong man he does not take defeat well and will definitely have some irons in the fire in the background.


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