2021 Metal Ox Newsletter


2021 Metal Ox Newsletter

28 December 2020

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2021 year of the metal ox

The LUNAR New Year starts on 12th February 2021.

This is 9 days from the solar new year which falls on the 3rd of February this year.

The time between the two is regarded as VOID and should not include any important business or personal events. 

Additionally we should not do anything of this nature in the 3 days of Chinese Lunar New Year. Some people observe 3, 7 or 15 days of Chinese New Year - depending on their origins.

2020 was A VERY challenged year and it is still not finished (at the time of writing we still have the month of the ox to progress through). 

January is the Ox month (yin earth ox). The ox is the nobleman of yang metal. Yang Metal is the stem of 2020. Because of the Nobleman relationship the Metal Rat will continue through to the 2021 Solar New Year. Most harm from 2020 will diminish because of this relationship. This is why we have so much more time to implement our cures for 2021. See below for the flying star and 'sha' updates.

There will be NO annual seminar this year. I am writing a book about the annual flying star interacting with the annual stems and branches instead so it should be ready for 2021 middle of the year or by the end of 2021. I will only do one on one follow ups for 2021 or via Skype for my interstate clients.

I will not prepare the calendar this year as most people do not use it so, if you want your personal dates, let me know and I will go back to incorporating the days and the months in your annual chart. You do need to give me 2 or 3 days lead time to prepare the charts for yourself and whomever in your household wants to hear about their personal 'flow' of chi.

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2021 The Metal Ox analysis

YIN Metal sits on top and governs the 1st half of the year from Chinese New Year through to the end of June / Beginning of July.

The ox has 3 stems hidden in the branch – they are earth, metal and water.

It will be a year that changes fortunes very rapidly because of the 3 hidden stems.

These changes will take place most particularly in the months of the Snake (May), Rooster (September), and Rat (Dec, but only on the days of the Pig).

Of the energies present in the 4 stems, metal predominates, with water being the grateful recipient of the flow. We could call this an output year – which will facilitate study and career advancement for those whose flow matches that of the year.

Read more here!

2021 Other Analysis and Articles

Global implications

We look to overlay the globe split along the international date line over the annual flying star and the sha's for the year.

The ox is the grand duke – it is located in the 1st third of the north east. The north east has the annual 9 star there it is fire and does not harm the Gua (or the segment it covers).

The sheep is the year breaker – it is located in the 1st third of the south west segment. The south west has the 3-litigation star located there. It is not unreasonable to expect that there will be disputed claims between the countries which have stakes in the Antarctica and those countries which fall under the purview of the ox.

For more information read more here.

Annual flying star

The negative stars 2, 5, 7 are in the north west (7), north (2), south east (5).

The auspicious stars 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9 are in the Middle (6), south (1), west (8) and east (4) north east (9)

The 3 can be good or bad depending on what it meets in the landscape and the type of activity in that room / part of the building.

As the 3 is wood and flies to the earth gua (kun) it can be a disruptor but can also be harnessed for quick and decisive action.

We will enhance the 6 (middle), leave alone the 9 (north east), leave alone the 8 (west) - we will however open doors and windows in these directions.

We will cure the 5(south east), the 3 (south west), 7 (north west) and the 2 (north), and depending on the local circumstances might use fire in the east.

If you want more information book in for your personal follow up - this is only available  if you are a current client of mine.

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The annual sha's

Every year several types of sha qi arrive from different directions and are located at different loci.

2021 is the year of the ox - the sha to the ox is the sheep.

The ox is located in the north east and the annual 9 which is benevolent is colocated and arrives from this direction - no harm.

The sheep is located in the south west and the annual 3 is located here - this can bring additional challenges IF there is excess activity, digging for more than 24 hours, industrial activity, broken mountains, or ugly structures in this location - if there is you need to get your annual follow up done!!!

Also the 5 sha's will come from the direction of the east but includes also a bit of the north east and a bit of the south east. The direction that we need to give attention to is the south east most specifically the direction of the dragon (1st 3rd of the south east). The problematic 5 flies to this location so effects of the 5 shas is compounded. This area should be scrutinised carefully for environmental sha, and don't do any building works here for 2021.

The north is afflicted by the 2 black this year and brings challenges for sickness particularly for the senior woman in the household. It may be water born sickness and gastric in nature.

Read More Here!

60 years ago

These are some of the events which took place 60 years ago when we last had a metal ox year. Here's a great link.

1961 Major News Stories include:

  • JFK was inaugurated January 1961 (technically still the metal rat year) but spans the void time before the metal ox fully formed.
  • yuri gagarin is the first human in space
  • Alan Shepard makes first US Space Flight
  • The first Quasar is discovered
  • The first inflight movie is shown
  • The first electric toothbrush is produced
  • Peace Corps is established by John F. Kennedy
  • Construction of the Berlin Wall begins
  • IBM introduces Golf Ball Typewriter
  • "Freedom Riders" test the United States Supreme Court decision
  • Pampers the first disposable nappy introduced
  • US Cuban Exiles and CIA mount unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Castro known as the Bay of Pigs
  • UN General Assembly condemns Apartheid
  • Establishment of WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
  • UK applies for membership of the EEC (European economic community)
  • South Africa becomes and independent republic
  • The last journey of the Orient Express starts Paris and ends in Bucharest
  • establishment of the Antarctic Treaty system comes into force - see our analysis of the global events for 2021
  • The capture of the Portland spy ring was effected and Peter Wright (with connections to our own Malcolm Turnbull and Tasmania was involved in that bust

Some famous Metal Ox

This list includes:

Julia Gillard *

Barack Obama *

Peter Jackson

Michael J Fox

Wynton Marsalis

George Clooney

Nadia Comaneci *

Read more about their charts here!

Covid information

Through the many years - those of you who followed my blogs and my random reading and listening habits know that I am a bit of a nerd and love following ever so strange events and particularly the natural history of diseases.

Here are some stand outs for 2020 and Covid and related things.

So if you want to know how influenza went from a serious killer to relatively harmless disease (unless you're vulnerable) and how it swapped out some of its genetic material over 4 or 5 iterations listen to this Radio Lab podcast. Essential to understand the different waves of lethal respiratory diseases.

Listen very carefully to all the material in this podcast the guests are special people, and you need to listen very carefully to hear where it 'came from' and what the community can do with evolving covid mutations (or iterations). Summary - distancing and masking up. Listening to the Radio Lab podcast helps you understand 'how' it transforms itself.

Tai Chi News

We start back with Tai Chi on the 12th of January at the Botanical Gardens in the Fuschia House - 0.9.30 through 10.30 am 

All classes are continuation classes except for a NEW CLASS TUESDAY  at 10.30 am for new students or if you want to start back in slowly.

There is a change to the schedule. PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY.

These are the only classes available.

  1. Tuesday 09.30 through 10.30 continuation class
  2. Tuesday 10.30 through 11.15 new students only
  3. Wednesday 09.30 through 10.30 by invitation only
  4. Wednesday 1030 through 11.30 continuation class
These are the only classes now available so that I can spend quality time with my brand new grandson and family.


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